The COVID-19 pandemic has changed conferences over the last year.  Tahoe Dreamin’ 2020 was canceled.  We had tentatively changed the date of the next conference to July 29-30, 2021.  We are now 6 months away from this date.

At this time are we still tentatively scheduling the conference.  Soon tickets will be on sale again.  We are both a) watching and listening to what the recommendations of the medical/scientific world has to say and b) if the conference happens have all the needed precautions in place.  If we 100% be leaning in the way of precaution.

Many will not attend. Many want to attend a live conference.  It is a delicate, hot topic issue.  No matter what happens at the end it will not be any easy decision either way and we hope everyone understands this.  Hard in many ways, including:  many people sharing their thoughts on why the conference should happen or why it shouldn’t; contracts in place that are not always easy to change or get out of; financial (this is not a conference put on to make a profit but with the cancelation of last year and other factors of running a conference leads to debt).  So again, no matter please know all avenues are being looked at. To run this conference in Tahoe we also need to ensure we have a certain amount of sponsorship and ticket sales.  If that cannot be reached, as well, we cannot have the conference.

Please continue to watch for more details.  Everyone’s safety and health in our thoughts.