Below are a list of Friday sessions listed under our Salesforce Admin track. Many of our sessions fall into multiple persona’s but you can use the below as a guide. View the whole NorCal Dreamin’ schedule.

Friday Admin Sessions

Start TimeRoomSession TitleSpeaker(s)Description
11amTop 10 Things Admins Can Learn from Developers (without learning to code)Dan ApplemanIt’s a myth that every admin should learn to code – Admin and “Adminoloper” skills are valuable specialties themselves. But just because you don’t code, it doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can learn from the world of software development and apply to make your job easier and improve the performance and stability of your orgs.

In this session, Dan Appleman, the author of Advanced Apex Programming, will show you how to adopt concepts from the world of software development into the admin world – without writing a single line of Apex or JavaScript.

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12pmDebug Like a DeveloperMichelle RegalWhether you’re an admin, consultant, or developer, you are bound to run into errors or unexpected outcomes in your Salesforce instance. This session will teach you a tried-and-true strategy for diagnosing and resolving these issues and show you tools in and out of Salesforce that can help you fix errors and be an Admin Hero!

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10amA Deep Dive into Native Salesforce Duplicate ManagementAndrew Sinclair
 The session will explore advanced concepts of duplicate management and discuss how matching rules can be extended using custom Apex, flows, and clicks.
 After the session, attendees will have a good understanding of the following topics:
 • How to configure custom duplicate management
 • What types of things can be matched
 • The difference between alerting, reporting, and more
 • How to use matching rules in code with Match Methods
 • How to use the reporting data to run merges both manually and in code
 • How this native functionality can replace third party tools

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1pmNext generation permission management in your orgSharon Liao

This session is to share best practices of perm set management with Permission Set Groups and the Permission Helper App.

Permission Set Groups are the next generation vehicle of user authorization in a Salesforce org. Come learn about how this new metadata type works with all your permissioning needs and see our vision for the migration from profile to permission set groups. ISV and IT developers can see a preview of the Permission Set Group muting feature designed for better collaboration between ISV managed permission sets, subscriber security and administration requirements.

Profile and permission management can be as easy as never before with the powerful Helper app. We will introduce two tools in the app to reduce Admin's overhead in controlling user access in the org. The Convertor transit permissions from a specific profile into a immediate assignable permission set with only a few clicks. The Analyzer allows you search which permission sets carries a specific perm and view inclusive permissions of a user in one single screen.

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4pmAdmins! Take a Deep dive exploration into the Mysterious World for Metadata!Roan BearAdmins, you’ve heard it time and time again. The magic that drives the lightning platform is the Metadata. But have you ever seen metadata? With the popularity of tools like Salesforce DX, Github, and Gearset, Understanding your XML Metadata is becoming more important than ever. Calling on all the brave and curious admins who want to demystify the magic that runs this awesome platform. We’ll look at objects, validation and workflow rules, profiles and permissions. And to top it off, we’ll show you how to create the impossible filtered dashboard.

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2pmSalesforce CPQ and your subscription-based businessMarcus RomeroSalesforce CPQ has the most flexible and customizable platform for selling and tracking subscriptions. From configuring your products to sell, to contracting, through renewals and amendments, to reporting on common SaaS metrics, CPQ can automate your process for ease and to reduce errors. See how CPQ handles the most common use cases for subscription-based businesses and how it can work for you.

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5pmFormulas for the Everyday AdminSteve Molis, aka SteveMo

Writing Formulas can be intimidating, but they don’t need to be! In this session you’ll learn simple, yet powerful “Plug & Play” Formulas, Tips & Tricks. Whether you’re building a Validation Rule, a Formula Field, a Report Custom Summary Formula, these Formulas will turn you into an Admin Superhero* (*Cape not included)

Language warning:  Steve has been known to drop a few “adult” words during his sessions.

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