Admin Session Announcement – Top 10 Things Admins Can Learn from Developers

We are busy going through all of our session submissions to pick which will be at NorCal Dreamin’. We hope to have most announced by next week.

But we are extremely happy to announce right now one of our Admin Track sessions:


Presenter:  Dan Appleman
Session:  Top 10 Things Admins Can Learn from Developers (without learning to code)

Description: It’s a myth that every admin should learn to code – Admin and “Adminoloper” skills are valuable specialties themselves. But just because you don’t code, it doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can learn from the world of software development and apply to make your job easier and improve the performance and stability of your orgs. In this session, Dan Appleman, the author of Advanced Apex Programming, will show you how to adopt concepts from the world of software development into the admin world – without writing a single line of Apex or JavaScript.


Dan brings over a decade of experience on the Salesforce platform to his role as Chief Technology Officer at Full Circle Insights. He is a Salesforce MVP and a frequent speaker at the annual Dreamforce conference and other Salesforce conferences. He is the author of the book “Advanced Apex Programming for Salesforce“, and numerous Pluralsight courses relating to the Salesforce platform as well as other technology and professional development topics.

We are extremely excited to have Dan speak at NorCal Dreamin’.  More info coming soon.



A Deep Dive into Native Salesforce Duplicate Management

We are happy to announce our first session (a bit early) for NorCal Dreamin’. It will be an awesome session on duplicate management, which affects each and every Salesforce instance.

The session will explore advanced concepts of duplicate management and discuss how matching rules can be extended using custom Apex, flows, and clicks.

After the session, attendees will have a good understanding of the following topics:

  • How to configure custom duplicate management
  • What types of things can be matched
  • The difference between alerting, reporting, and more
  • How to use matching rules in code with Match Methods
  • How to use the reporting data to run merges both manually and in code
  • How this native functionality can replace third party tools

More info to come, along with more sessions announced within the next few weeks.

First Workshop Announced

We are proud to announce our first workshop. It will be a 3 hour in-depth workshop on Thursday afternoon.


From Chaos to Calm: How to optimize your enterprise architecture strategy & governance to get the CRM ROI you are dreaming about?

We will go in-depth on how to create process – technology maps, identify business process areas for improvement, create an implementation roadmap and a business case in the first half of the workshop. Then, we will switch gears a bit to focus on how we can create adoptable and scalable governance structures to run our Salesforce operations. All Salesforce customers can leverage the output of this workshop to improve the return of their investment in Salesforce and create better end user experiences.


This workshop will be led by Meltem Kutik, Enterprise Solutions & Analytics Director at Huron Consulting Group.


The workshop will go in-depth on how to map process to the technology needed, identify which processes that can/need to be improved, creating a roadmap and business cases, and creating a governance around all of this.  The info from this is something all Salesforce customers can utilize and grow their CRM.


This workshop is for admins, project managers, managers and business analysts.