Tahoe Dreamin’ is looking for fun, exciting and smart speakers to lead sessions.

Here is some info that will help you decide if you want to submit to speak at Tahoe Dreamin’.

  • Speakers are not paid. This is a Community Conference and all are volunteering their time. We do not have budget to pay for any speakers.  If you are chosen you will receive a free ticket for the conference.
    • If you already have purchased a ticket you will be refunded (so if you are attending for sure you might want to just register now)
  • Sessions should be around the following. But know if you have something exciting that falls outside what is listed, we will still consider
    • Salesforce Administration
    • Salesforce Development
    • Data Management
    • Salesforce Einstein
    • Change Management
    • Business Analysis
    • Career Development
    • Anything else Salesforce related
  • Tahoe Dreamin’ is from 12pm-5pm on Aug 6, 9am to 6pm on Aug 7 (times might change, but dates will not).  Sessions will mainly be on Aug 7, so all submissions here will be with the assumption of speaking on Aug 7th.
  • Sessions avg 40 minutes, with a max of 50. If your session is under 40 minutes we suggest you network with someone else to work together to make a full 40-50 min session
    • If you partner with someone on a session, make sure you note this in your submission
    • If you do not have someone to partner with and your sessions is 20 minutes, note in the submission. We cannot guarantee that we can find someone you could work with but we would try.  Best to partner with someone before submission.
    • Partnered sessions do not have to be 100% the same subject but should be similar enough for attendees to want to listen to both parts.
  • We are doing the call for speakers early due to people need to plan their trip to Tahoe.  Since new release notes or new products may be announced before Tahoe Dreamin’, we may ask you if you are chosen to update your session to meet anything new. We love to show off new Salesforce features/updates/products.
  • Call for Speakers will be open until May 8th.
  • If chosen, we ask that you help promote the conference and your session via social media.

Use this GetFeedback form to submit your session – https://www.getfeedback.com/r/4Za2UJr8