Tahoe Dreamin' 2021 is looking for the best speakers for our Salesforce community conference on Oct 28-29, 2021. More info on Tahoe Dreamin' 2021

We are looking for anything Salesforce related; from content related for admins to developers to business analysis to new technologies. We love to showcase "new stuff" as much as we can. So your submission can be "I know XYZ is coming and I want to speak on it and here is what it will be about when more info is known".

We have a limited number of sessions available (21), so the more detail the better. Newer and not reused content is better. Fun and exciting the better (we believe that when you have fun you learn more).

Sessions are 40 to 50 minutes long. If your topic isn't that long you can find someone else and submit a dual session (better chance at acceptance) or submit stating your session is only 20 minutes and we might then combine people together.

Submissions will be taken until July 2nd. Then give us a few weeks to choose the sessions.

If submitting multiple sessions please fill out the form for each and do not combine into one submission.

Some other info for those that haven't spoken at a community conference before.

  • You will receive a free ticket to the conference if your topic is chosen. If you already have a ticket we will refund that back to you. We recommend registering before we finalize the speakers so you can finalize travel and hotel room. But completely up to you.
  • Travel and accommodations are the speakers responsibility. We would love to pay for everyone's travel and hotel rooms but we have a limited budget.
  • Your bio will be listed on the website. So make sure you have a nice pic showing your beautiful self and good information to promote yourself.
  • You are the expert. We do not look at your presentation beforehand. We do not have you run through it will thus. We might ask you to hit on something new, if appropriate. But if you are chosen it is because you are awesome and we know you will be an amazing job.
  • As stated we have a limited number of sessions available. We only get to accept around 6% of the submissions we receive. We wish we could accept everyone. If you are not chosen it is not personal and please do not take it that way. We have a panel that looks through all the submissions and it is not an easy process since everyone is an awesome Trailblazer.

Click the button to submit your session(s) or use this link.

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