Company Outing / Team Building

Do you have a team of Salesforce Trailblazers?  Consider sending the team to Tahoe Dreamin’ and make it a team outing/retreat.  There are many small conference rooms available at Harrah’s and Harveys (contact us to help you reserve) that can be utilized before the conference.  Have your team work together on plans, business ideas, etc… and then everyone attend Tahoe Dreamin’ to further increase their Salesforce knowledge.

Lake Tahoe is the perfect place for a team outing/team building.  It is beautiful and relaxing. Your employees work hard for you. They want to attend Tahoe Dreamin’ to learn more and network to grow your business.  So reward them and benefit at the same time.  And with our discounted hotel room rates, it is a lower cost than most big city hotels.

At that last Tahoe Dreamin’ in 2018 we had several companies do just this.  One sent over 20 employees!

If this interests you, please contact us at [email protected].  We can supply discounted conference tickets for groups, along with help you reserve a conference room before the conference.  And don’t forget to consider staying over Friday night (Tahoe Dreamin’ goes into the evening on Friday), so you can do a company hike or boating trip on Saturday (you can do it as a group or go network with other conference Trailblazers).