Blackthorn produces the leading Events, Payments, and Compliance apps for the Salesforce community - all 100% native to the Salesforce platform. We produce applications that are designed for events, marketing, finance, and sales professionals to meet their goals without relying on Admins or becoming vendor-dependent. At the end of the day, Blackthorn's apps are digital accelerators, designed to just work...for you.

  • Blackthorn Events enables marketing & events professionals to stand up meetings or conferences in minutes, not days, and without any development. Maximize your return on event and minimize effort with the highest rated AppExchange Events App for event impact.
  • Blackthorn Payments puts the focus on your customers instead of your payment processes with scalable, secure, no-code payment solutions. Whether enabling self-service purchases or subscriptions, empowering sales teams with a virtual terminal, or field service professions with the ability to take payments on the road, Blackthorn Payments helps you scale at the speed of your business.
  • Blackthorn Compliance/PCIFY masks PII, Credit Card, and other sensitive data in Salesforce applications, which is required for maintaining PCI compliance, passing data audits, and allowing company executives to sleep at night.

Offering comprehensive solutions designed for NGOs, NFPs, Higher Education, and more, is in use by hundreds of organizations across the globe, doing business on 6 continents. Check out event more information, and a few success stories, at our Content Hub:

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