Pharos was born from years of Salesforce consulting experience with countless clients who struggled with issues that caused their orgs to break down. These errors drained hours of time troubleshooting and prevented companies from hitting their key business objectives. We created Pharos to solve these pain points for our own consulting clients. And we decided to bring it to the larger ecosystem for everyone to benefit.

What we do

We take the guesswork out of error resolution and provide a more proactive approach. 

Pharos is not just an error logging tool - it catches every error in Salesforce within seconds and provides a more comprehensive view of errors. Our robust observability framework consists of logs, metrics, traces, monitoring, visualization and real time monitoring. This means you can:

  • lower your MTTI and MTTR
  • free up time to focus on key business objectives
  • catch fatal errors and prevent business interruptions
  • make your org more stable and reliable & improve user experience

With Pharos you can:

  • Identify errors 90% faster
  • Drastically lower MTTI from days to seconds
  • Save over 60 hrs / month of Developer and Admin time
  • Get back over $10K / month on Developer spend
  • Mitigate risk of lost revenue 

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