Friday at NorCal Dreamin’ is a jam-packed with amazing content and more.

  • Check-in starts at 7:15am, with pastries and bagels served
  • Keynote starts at 8:15am, with an awesome Demo Jam ending everything at approx. 9:45
  • Sessions start up at 10am and goes through 6pm
  • We have 2 lunches scheduled, Lunch A and Lunch B. Pick which lunch you want to attend based on sessions you want to attend
  • Afternoon snack and break is from 3pm to 4pm
  • After our sessions end at 6pm we will have a Happy Hour from 6pm-7pm

Below are our Friday sessions.  Click the + on any of the rows to expand to see the session description.

Tracks are just for reference. Anyone can go in any sessions that they want to go to. Please go outside your “track” if you see something you want to learn more about.


Here is a PDF of Friday NorCal Dreamin’ Sessions. We will also have signs throughout the venue with the agenda.

TimeRoomTrackSpeaker(s)Session TitleDescription
Friday8:15am - 9:45amRegency ABCEveryoneMary ScottonNorCal Dreamin' Keynote
Friday10am - 11amGolden StateAdminAndrew SinclairA Deep Dive into Native Salesforce Duplicate ManagementThe session will explore advanced concepts of duplicate management and discuss how matching rules can be extended using custom Apex, flows, and clicks. After the session, attendees will have a good understanding of the following topics: • How to configure custom duplicate management • What types of things can be matched • The difference between alerting, reporting, and more • How to use matching rules in code with Match Methods • How to use the reporting data to run merges both manually and in code • How this native functionality can replace third party tools
Friday10am - 11amRegency DDeveloper, AdminVladimir GerasimovUnderstand your org better with Dependency APIWe are working hard on getting Dependency API out for beta testing by Summer ’19 and it would be great to present on it at the event. Dependency API is a new addition to Tooling API that allows you to query for the dependencies between different metadata components in your org. For example, you can write a query that would tell you about all the places where a particular Apex class is referenced.
Friday10am - 11amRegency EGeneralBecky PottsProject Management: Your Key to Successful Salesforce ProjectDid you have an unsuccessful Salesforce Project/Implementation? Join this session to learn why project management is your secret weapon for running a successful Salesforce project from start to finish and best practices you can use in Salesforce to monitor and track it!
Friday10am - 11amCarmelMarketingEshwar Reddy, Gabe Miklos, Barbara SmithLessons learned on smart Marketing Cloud implementationsWe will deep dive into real-life situations and learning experiences to make the most of your Marketing Cloud investment including project structure, avoiding scope creep, successful testing tactics, working through integration pitfalls and more. This talk will help you get to production quickly with high quality and low overall implementation cost.
Friday10am - 11amRegency FNonprofitNonProfit Kickoff
Friday10am - 11amBig SurPublic SectorPublic Sector Kickoff
Friday11am - 12pmRegency DDeveloperDavid Brooks5 Steps to Salesforce DevOps EnlightenmentFind your path to Salesforce DevOps Enlightenment with David Brooks, the Product Executive who led the initial development of the AppExchange and the Salesforce platform. Eliminate the challenges of releasing features on the Salesforce Platform and unleash the potential of your implementation by following these 5 DevOps best practices.
Friday11am - 12pmGolden StateGeneralParker Webb-MitchellUnlocking the Best Salesforce Implementation Story: 7 Keys to a Successful ImplementationIs your organization preparing to start a radical Salesforce implementation or change? Were you part of a Salesforce implementation that was bumpier than expected? Want to hear some funny stories about people failing at Salesforce? In this session, you’ll learn some key takeaways from 50+ different projects in a cloud resistant industry, as well as the do’s and don’ts of a transformational Salesforce project.
Friday11am - 12pmCarmelMarketingCasey CheshireEmail Outlaws: The Good, The Bad & The Spam ReportWe all get a lot of email. Spam accounts for 45% of all emails sent today. Many emails from Sales Cloud and Pardot are accidentally written in a way that gets them incorrectly flagged by systems and users alike. Do you feel lucky? Well do ya? Let’s look at some ridiculous examples of emails, laugh at ourselves and promise to never violate core email deliverability practices. We’ll review the technical restrictions of email as well as the triggers that causes recipients to report messages as Spam. Having survived the worst of the worst, we’ll look at the critical aspects of creating engaging Pardot emails that drive action. Additionally we’ll review the use of Advanced Dynamic Content and how to keep email authentic in an age of automation.
Friday11am - 12pmRegency FNonprofit, GeneralEshe Swafford, Susan Tobes, Marisa LopezAmplifying Diversity and Inclusion at Your OrganizationDiversity and inclusion are critical to the success of all organizations. Regardless of your official role within your organization, you can drive action and awareness. Come join us to hear how Amplify, an all volunteer organization, challenges tech companies to be more inclusive and how Exponent Partners prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organization culture and practices. This session will help you gain resources for awareness and tools to bring back to your work and life. Key Takeaways: – Meet Amplify, a nonprofit organization dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices in the tech space – Resources for awareness and action in your personal and professional life – Ideas for drafting and implementing a diversity and inclusion plan for your organization
Friday12pm - 1pmRegency EAdmin, DeveloperMichelle RegalDebug Like a DeveloperWhether you’re an admin, consultant, or developer, you are bound to run into errors or unexpected outcomes in your Salesforce instance. This session will teach you a tried-and-true strategy for diagnosing and resolving these issues and show you tools in and out of Salesforce that can help you fix errors and be an Admin Hero!
Friday12pm - 1pmRegency DGeneralErick MahleManaging Complacency: Using Lean Principles to Achieve Continuous ImprovementBuilding the Ferrari of Salesforce orgs is pointless without a skilled driver and smooth roads. In today’s world, it’s easy to see that alignment between people, process and platform is essential. However, while it is often easy to identify what is wrong, it takes a special level of awareness to see what is missing. Lacking the awareness of pending trouble is the dangerous blind spot that most companies don’t see. In this session, we will dive into the unique roles that people, processes and platforms play in complacency to help win the long race to continuous success. Attendees with walk away from this session with a greater sense of Lean principles, and how to leverage simple tools to build a culture of feedback that enables Salesforce administrators to quickly identify problems, and build amazing Salesforce orgs that drives fanatical user adoption.
Friday12pm - 1pmGolden StateGeneralRikke HovgaardEinstein Analytics, the art of the possibleAre you wondering what Einstein Analytics is? You are not alone. Using a real use case this session will take you through the concepts of Einstein Analytics as well as show how to proceed in building a dashboard. You will see basic to advanced features to show the art of the possible. The goal is for you to see the possibilities and get a helping hand on how to start with the platform.
Friday12pm - 1pmRegency FMarketing, AdminMaya PetersonIntroduction to Salesforce CampaignsA Salesforce Campaign is a flexible, native object that allows you to track your engagement efforts and performance in Salesforce. This session will provide an overview of Campaigns in Salesforce for the marketing and sales admin that is new to Salesforce Campaigns or hoping to know more about Campaign best practices. Attendees will learn how to customize campaigns, including key fields to be aware of. Attendees will learn how to configure Campaigns Member Status values and add, remove, and manage Campaign Members step-by-step. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the common uses for Salesforce Campaigns and best practices for configuring, managing, and reporting on campaigns.
Friday12pm - 1pmBig SurPublic SectorJocelyn Gutiérrez, Tiare Sol, Steve GeahryPublic Sector Customer Success StoriesWho doesn’t like to hear Salesforce success stories? Join this panel discussion of Public Sector customers as they describe their organization’s journey to success with Salesforce. Everyone’s journey is unique, and often these journeys included challenges, some of which you may be facing at your organization. Come learn how these Trailblazers overcame those obstacles and what’s next in their ongoing journey. After brief presentations there will be a moderated Q&A.
Friday1pm - 2pmRegency EAdmin, DeveloperSharon LiaoNext generation permission management in your orgThis session is to share best practices of perm set management with Permission Set Groups and the Permission Helper App. Permission Set Groups are the next generation vehicle of user authorization in a Salesforce org. Come learn about how this new metadata type works with all your permissioning needs and see our vision for the migration from profile to permission set groups. ISV and IT developers can see a preview of the Permission Set Group muting feature designed for better collaboration between ISV managed permission sets, subscriber security and administration requirements. Profile and permission management can be as easy as never before with the powerful Helper app. We will introduce two tools in the app to reduce Admin’s overhead in controlling user access in the org. The Convertor transit permissions from a specific profile into a immediate assignable permission set with only a few clicks. The Analyzer allows you search which permission sets carries a specific perm and view inclusive permissions of a user in one single screen.
Friday1pm - 2pmRegency DDeveloperDan AldenSalesforce Application Lifecycle Management Using Salesforce DXSalesforce DX is a valuable tool for developers. This session will demonstrate how to create, test, and deploy applications using the various tools for Salesforce DX.
Friday1pm - 2pmCarmelMarketingLara BlackSmart Tricks That Make You Look Like a Pardot ProPardot is ‘easy’ compared to Salesforce, but there are a ton of ways to automate your marketing efforts and save yourself hours of time. Get cleaner data, better-qualified prospects, and more effective lead nurturing, all with Pardot.
Friday1pm - 2pmRegency FNonprofit, AdminGordon LeeAwesome Admin Recipe: 90% People, 10% TechStarting off in your (Accidental) Admin career, your focus is naturally 90% on the technology, and 10% on the people. As you progress, you start noticing that those technical skills are only taking you so far in your professional journey. Let’s unpack the recipe that Truly Awesome Admins use to get things done: Focus 90% on the people, and 10% on the technology. Through this session, you’ll get a high level summary of the most common personality types at an org, what makes them tick, what ticks them off, and how to get them on your side to take your Salesforce implementation, and career, to the next level.
Friday1pm - 2pmBig SurPublic SectorSteve GeahryPublic Sector RoundtableJoin your fellow Public Sector Salesforce users in a moderator led-roundtable discussion on topics that are sure to be of interest to all Salesforce users, but with an emphasis on the Public Sector. Led by Salesforce Customer Success Manager Steve Geahry, there will be opportunities for you to listen, learn, ask questions, give your opinion, and network with the group.
Friday2pm - 3pmGolden StateAdmin, GeneralMarcus RomeroSalesforce CPQ and your subscription-based businessSalesforce CPQ has the most flexible and customizable platform for selling and tracking subscriptions. From configuring your products to sell, to contracting, through renewals and amendments, to reporting on common SaaS metrics, CPQ can automate your process for ease and to reduce errors. See how CPQ handles the most common use cases for subscription-based businesses and how it can work for you.
Friday2pm - 3pmRegency DDeveloperChuck LiddellLightning Web Components And YouGot questions about the recently-released Salesforce programming model? Come chat with Chuck Liddell, DEX601 instructor and Salesforce MVP, and you might find some answers. Part live demo, part audience Q&A; expect a wide-ranging discussion contrasting Aura components and patterns with Lightning Web Components accompanied by a breakdown of what this means for you.
Friday2pm - 3pmRegency EGeneralJessica LangstonGet Involved in the Trailblazer CommunityLet’s talk about how you can engage in the Trailblazer Community to connect, learn, have fun and give back with fellow Salesforce customers and partners. Meet local Community Group leaders and members, hear about local meetings, explore the global community, and learn how we all succeed together.
Friday2pm - 3pmCarmelMarketingRashmi VittalThe Future of Work is Now: What is AI’s Impact on Marketing?AI is the fourth industrial revolution and 84% of companies know that they need to invest in AI to have a competitive advantage. But how do we actually use AI in our day to day processes while delivering a scalable personalized touch to each buyer? Join this session to learn how to integrate Conversational AI into your organization to accelerate your digital transformation. Build higher performing teams by automating the repetitive, routine tasks and freeing up people to do what they do best – build trusted relationships, perform the higher-value tasks that require more complex decision making and emotional intelligence to drive forward progress.
Friday2pm - 3pmRegency FNonprofitSusan TobesEnabling Nonprofits to measure their Impact!This session will focus on how your organization can move from simply tracking data to real action. The approach we will discuss will allow you to: Engage entire organization Focus on building data driven program & organization design Empower all staff to use data Create shared Goals & Centralized Data System Provide regular communication & shared accountability for using data This session is interactive and together we will: Assess Plan Design Use …so that you can go back to your nonprofit and leap forward!
Friday2pm - 3pmBig SurPublic Sector, AdminBen Ault, Mike LivingstonTransforming Service with Customer-Centric Case ManagementIn any industry, the service experience can feel transactional and impersonal to the customer. To the agent/case worker, this same interaction often seems siloed, inefficient and incomplete. Transforming from a case-based to a customer-focussed approach allows for an integrated and optimized service experience built on knowledge and communication. This session will showcase the benefits of modernizing on an intelligent digital engagement platform that reimagines the service experience. Join us for a look at how AI-powered, customer-centric service transforms how people and organizations collaborate to solve problems and achieve results. This session will show how Salesforce can provide a unified 360 customer view across disparate systems via an end-to-end demonstration featuring Einstein Bots & Next Best Action, Mulesoft, Service Cloud & Community Cloud.
Friday4pm - 5pmRegency EAdminRoan BearAdmins! Take a Deep dive exploration into the Mysterious World of Metadata!
Friday4pm - 5pmGolden StateGeneralKhosrow “Cas” HassibiTop Data Science Use Cases for Einstein Analytics
Friday4pm - 5pmBig SurGeneralKatherine Boothe, Jay CarterCustomer Success Stories from local TrailblazersCome listen to fellow local Trailblazers share their success stories and lessons learned on Salesforce. Great way to learn from other local businesses.  Open Q&A at the end of the session.35
Friday4pm - 5pmCarmelMarketingMilton AntonyDeeper Relationships, At ScaleCreating more nuanced Journies for each prospect has become more and more critical as ROI and campaign attribution statements are becoming more of a standard. In this session, we will go through how Pardot and Salesforce assist in driving increased visibility to multi-touch attribution and how they assist in creating echo chambers for your audience. Features covered: Dynamic Content Page Actions Scoring Categories Revenue Attribution
Friday4pm - 5pmRegency FNonprofit, AdminAnne CrawfordCreate Love at First Sight when (Salesforce) Lightning StrikesStrong adoption starts with strong design, and strong design starts with understanding the needs of your users. Join us as we review the basics of Lightning page design. We’ll walk through customizing Lightning Home, App and Record pages to make it easier for your users to work effectively in Salesforce. And we’ll review the Lightning roadmap for even more features your users will love.
Friday4pm - 5pmRegency DDeveloperVignesh Ravi, Abhi Murali, Mike SamboySalesforce DevOps: Which Path Should You Take – Build or Buy?
Friday5pm - 6pmRegency EAdminSteve Molis (aka SteveMo)Formulas For The Everyday AdminWriting Formulas can be intimidating, but they don’t need to be! In this session you’ll learn simple, yet powerful “Plug & Play” Formulas, Tips & Tricks. Whether you’re building a Validation Rule, a Formula Field, a Report Custom Summary Formula, these Formulas will turn you into an Admin Superhero* (*Cape not included) Language warning: Steve has been known to drop a few “adult” words during his sessions.
Friday5pm - 6pmCarmelDeveloper, AdminGreg SmithSalesforce Migration PitfallsIf you are a solutions/technical architect, consultant, experienced developer/admin, or leader of a Salesforce consulting team this one’s for you! Chances are you’ve been involved in a few Salesforce migration/merger projects and have observed many more from a distance. Some of them ended well, but many were quite challenging, over budget, and late on delivery. Why are these projects so difficult? Let’s take a look at some of the most common migration pitfalls, and how you can avoid them.
Friday5pm - 6pmGolden StateGeneral, Public SectorUsing Conversational Text Messaging and Automated SMS for Marketing Outreach and Prospect Qualification
Friday5pm - 6pmRegency DMarketing, GeneralTestPardot vs. Marketing Cloud SMACKDOWNAn interactive client experience, comparing Salesforce marketing automation platforms Which marketing platform is right for you? Are you looking for the DREAM platform that takes you from the early stages of building out your marketing strategy, and can grow with you? You might be surprised which path best meets your company’s internal requirements for addressing your long-term goals. Come join us as we present a real-world client scenario, and learn how choosing the right marketing platform, although not an easy one, can lead to long-term success.
Friday5pm - 6pmRegency FNonprofitPeter Fife, Cynthia BazinMy first year with the NPSPLearn from a local non-profit and their first year of being on the platform. Just like being given a free puppy it’s all warm and fuzzy, but you then soon learn you need to care for it, take it to the vet and do some picking up. You get 10 free licenses but there is some TLC which needs to be put into it. Hear HART of Folsom’s year 1 story and let a Salesforce veteran of 16 years fill in the gaps and show you what areas of the Non-Profit Success Pack you should start with.
Friday5pm - 6pmBig SurPublic SectorRyan SmithLeaving behind a legacy: Keys to Success for Digital Transformation in the Public SectorStudies have shown that public sector IT projects that involved heavy change to business process and customers were up to six times more likely to be overbudget and approximately twenty percent were more likely to exceed schedule than projects in the private sector. As the public sector decommissions legacy systems and increases investment in cloud technologies the opportunity to fail is increasingly real. In this session, you will learn about trends in the public sector and proven methods of setting projects up for success. You’ll also see how a state agency embarked on a successful journey of digital transformation and went paperless in seven months.
Friday7:15am - NoonCheckinNorCal Dreamin' CheckinCheck-in begins at 7:15am on Friday. We also have check-in on Thursday, which is recommended for ease. Our keynote begins at 8:15 and we want everyone checked in by then.1
Friday11am - 12pmRegency ABCLunch AWe will be breaking lunch breaks into Lunch A and Lunch B. Choose which one you want based on sessions you want to attend. Two options exists the food you can have. Please choose only one of the two below during your lunch. - Limited number of quick grab and go boxes with a sandwich. These are first come, first serve with a limited number available in both lunch A and lunch B - Southwest buffet -------- SW Caesar with Chopped Romaine, Black Beans, Shaved Manchego Cheese, Tortilla Strips, Cherry Tomatoes with a Chipotle Caesar Dressing -------- Jicama and Cabbage Slaw with Orange, Avocado and Shrimp and Cilantro Vinaigrette -------- Southwest Mac n Cheese with Monterey Jack Cheese, Poblano Peppers, Ham and Cornbread Crumbs -------- Mexican Street Corn with Cotija, Smoked Paprika and Cilantro -------- Grilled Mahi Mahi with Jalapeno Crema -------- Achiote Rubbed Chicken with Peppers and Onions -------- Mini Chocolate Filled Churros -------- Dulce de Leche Cheesecake9
Friday12pm - 1pmRegency ABCLunch BWe will be breaking lunch breaks into Lunch A and Lunch B. Choose which one you want based on sessions you want to attend. Two options exists the food you can have. Please choose only one of the two below during your lunch. - Limited number of quick grab and go boxes with a sandwich. These are first come, first serve with a limited number available in both lunch A and lunch B - Southwest buffet -------- SW Caesar with Chopped Romaine, Black Beans, Shaved Manchego Cheese, Tortilla Strips, Cherry Tomatoes with a Chipotle Caesar Dressing -------- Jicama and Cabbage Slaw with Orange, Avocado and Shrimp and Cilantro Vinaigrette -------- Southwest Mac n Cheese with Monterey Jack Cheese, Poblano Peppers, Ham and Cornbread Crumbs -------- Mexican Street Corn with Cotija, Smoked Paprika and Cilantro -------- Grilled Mahi Mahi with Jalapeno Crema -------- Achiote Rubbed Chicken with Peppers and Onions -------- Mini Chocolate Filled Churros -------- Dulce de Leche Cheesecake15
Friday6pm - 7pmSponsor AreaHappy Hour45
Friday11am - 12pmRegency EAdmin, DeveloperDan ApplemanTop 10 Things Admins Can Learn from Developers (without learning to code)It's a myth that every admin should learn to code – Admin and Adminoloper skills are valuable specialties themselves. But just because you don’t code, it doesn't mean there aren’t things you can learn from the world of software development and apply to make your job easier and improve the performance and stability of your orgs. In this session, Dan Appleman, the author of Advanced Apex Programming, will show you how to adopt concepts from the world of software development into the admin world - without writing a single line of Apex or JavaScript.