Below are a list of Friday sessions listed under our Salesforce General track. Many of our sessions fall into multiple persona’s but you can use the below as a guide. View the whole NorCal Dreamin’ schedule.

Friday General Sessions

Start TimeRoomSession TitleSpeaker(s)Description
10amProject Management: Your Key to a Successful Salesforce ProjectBecky Potts

Did you have an unsuccessful Salesforce Project/Implementation? Join this session to learn why project management is your secret weapon for running a successful Salesforce project from start to finish and best practices you can use in Salesforce to monitor and track it!

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12pmManaging Complacency: Using Lean principles to achieve Continuous ImprovementErick Mahle

Building the Ferrari of Salesforce orgs is pointless without a skilled driver and smooth roads.

In today’s world, it’s easy to see that alignment between people, process and platform is essential. However, while it is often easy to identify what is wrong, it takes a special level of awareness to see what is missing. Lacking the awareness of pending trouble is the dangerous blind spot that most companies don’t see. In this session, we will dive into the unique roles that people, processes and platforms play in complacency to help win the long race to continuous success.

Attendees with walk away from this session with a greater sense of Lean principles, and how to leverage simple tools to build a culture of feedback that enables Salesforce administrators to quickly identify problems, and build amazing Salesforce orgs that drives fanatical user adoption.

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11amUnlocking the Best Salesforce Implementation Story: 7 Keys to a Successful ImplementationParker Webb-MitchellIs your organization preparing to start a radical Salesforce implementation or change? Were you part of a Salesforce implementation that was bumpier than expected? Want to hear some funny stories about people failing at Salesforce? In this session, you’ll learn some key takeaways from 50+ different projects in a cloud resistant industry, as well as the do’s and don’ts of a transformational Salesforce project.

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4pmCustomer Success StoriesCome listen to a panel of awesome Trailblazers talk about their success on Salesforce, how they did it and lessons learned. Ending with a Q&A
2pmGet Involved in the Trailblazer CommunityJessica LangstonLet’s talk about how you can engage in the Trailblazer Community to connect, learn, have fun and give back with fellow Salesforce customers and partners. Meet local Community Group leaders and members, hear about local meetings, explore the global community, and learn how we all succeed together.

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4pmTop Data Science Use Cases for Einstein AnalyticsKhosrow “Cas” HassibiDr Hassibi will talk about the Top Analytics & Data Science use cases that have proven value for Enterprises, how to setup an enterprise Analytics/Data Science strategy, and how to utilize Einstein Analytics as a platform of choice.

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5pmUsing Conversational Text Messaging and Automated SMS for Marketing Outreach and Prospect QualificationRob Blatchley