Government/Public Sector Registration

As a government organization we understand that you might need to be invoiced to attend the conference plus have additional paperwork done.  We have a special process for you. Please follow the below steps.


We are in the process of moving all our registration and management to Blackthorn Events, which is a native Salesforce event management app.  So please help us beta test this new registration process. We appreciate any help.  Please follow the below steps. Should be easy and hopefully work okay. Thank you again for helping us test out this out.

  1. Use this link to register. Register using Blackthorn Events
  2. A new window will open. This go directly to the tickets available. Choose the number of Full Conference tickets.
  3. Click Add to Cart
  4. Enter all the info about the attendee(s).
  5. When done click checkout in the top right
  6. If you have a code enter the code under the ticket amount (Summary area)
  7. Choose Pay Later as an option
  8. Enter your billing info where you need the invoice sent
  9. Submit
  10. Within a day you will receive an invoice that can be submitted to finance.  This can be paid via credit card or check.
  11. We will email you asking what additional paperwork is needed.

If you have any issues please help us out and let us know at [email protected]. If you are having an issue that surely means others are and we would like to fix ASAP.