Bill Greenhaw


Bill is the founder of NorCal Dreamin’ and co-founded Tahoe Dreamin’.  He has been in the Salesforce world since 2001.  Bill has 15 Salesforce certifications and is a 6x Salesforce MVP and currently Salesforce MVP HOF.  He is currently a Principal Consultant at MondayCall.

He loves to tell how he had pizza with Marc Benioff in 2001 at 1 Marketing at a Salesforce training class but the story may or may not be true.  When he is not busy building cool stuff in Salesforce or planning NorCal Dreamin’ his son Nolan keeps him busy.

Michelle Regal

Daniel Peter

Technical Content / Community Ambassador

Daniel Peter is a 24x certified Salesforce MVP who leads the Bay Area Salesforce Developer group.  His day job is Salesforce Practice Lead at Robots & Pencils.  He enjoys building really cool stuff on the platform, traveling the world and meeting the Salesforce Ohana, and helping others to be successful.  One of his most important jobs at NorCal Dreamin’ is to make sure Bill does not fall off the stage.

Guillermo Pedroni

Gabriela Pedroni

Donald Bohrisch

David C. Noe

With over twenty years in sales to both governmental and private customers, he brings extensive experience in the consultative sales process of complex long sales-cycle products. David is a newcomer to the Salesforce ecosystem, but has over fourteen years of CRM experience including administration and consulting. Having been on both sides of CRM, both user and administrator, David brings perspectives that help design and implement tailored CRM solutions. He also can train sales organizations, how from top to bottom, how to maximize return on their investment by increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

He is proud to have reached Trailhead Ranger status recently and plans to test for his Salesforce Administrator credential shortly. He is excited to become an active part of the NorCal Salesforce community.



Emily Walton

Katy Porray

Pearl Lee

Nolan Greenhaw

Chief Fun Officer

Nolan is in charge of making sure NorCal Dreamin’ and the Saturday activity stays fun.  He keeps the team in check when things get too serious and will remind everyone to make sure everyone has fun.

When he isn’t working on NorCal Dreamin’ is he busy learning how to count, practicing singing and playing the drums and keeping his parent in shape by chasing him around.