Founders Information

2019 will be the inaugural NorCal Dreamin’ event. We are planning on having the event many years going forward. For our inaugural year we are offering Founder tickets to the event. What this means is you will be helping the event get started the first year (get us kick started, per say).  We are offering special incentives for those that want to help. This is what you get with a NorCal Dreamin’ Founders ticket purchase –

  • Ticket to NorCal Dreamin’ on June 27-28th, 2019
  • Free ticket to all future NorCal Dreamin’ events
  • Special VIP seating at all keynotes
  • 1 ticket to the Dinner in the Clouds on June 28th
  • 1st chance to purchase 1 additional Dinner in the Clouds ticket (dinner is limited to 120 people)
  • NorCal Dreamin’ Founder t-shirt (limited to only those who purchase this package)
  • Listed on our website as a Founder so everyone knows how awesome you are
    • Will include a person’s name or company name, small picture of yourself or a logo, link to a web page (LinkedIn, company site, blog, etc…) and up to 500 characters of whatever you want to say
    • Listing will never go away and you will be listed on the NorCal Dreamin’ website as long as it is up (ie:  all future events will still have this page listed with all the Founders)
  • Feel good about yourself for helping the Salesforce Community by being an early supporter and help fund NorCal Dreamin’

Cost is $400 and limited to 40