Cynthia Bazin

Cynthia is originally from Massachusetts and has lived and worked on the West Coast since 2003. She is a resident of Folsom and her passion for health and fitness can be seen as she does daily long runs along the beautiful Folsom trails.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. She worked 22 years in the security and investigations industry. Cynthia achieved high level positions in the Connecticut prison system, became a private investigator in Las Vegas, Nevada and has run Security and Corporate Investigations in the Hotel/Casino/Resort Industry. In 2011, she opened her company ‘SmartChic’ that provides keynote speaking and laser focused mentoring for men and women in the areas of Personal Development, Branding and Business Strategy. Her passion is to help people reduce the overwhelm in their life and get laser focused on creating their best life. Cynthia believes in building people up and providing people with the tools and skills necessary to take ownership of their life.

Cynthia shares ‘real life tips’ and inspiration twice daily on the live streaming app ‘Periscope’ and is a regular contributor to Good Day Sacramento.

Cynthia loves working directly with the residents of Folsom that need the services of HART and leading the mentoring team for the organization.