Khosrow “Cas” Hassibi

Dr. Hassibi is an expert, practitioner, and thought leader in the areas of data science, ML, and statistical pattern recognition. His expertise is based on 20+ years of design, R&D, consulting/sales, and management in applying these technologies to hard real-world business problems such as real-time fraud detection, hand-print and cursive OCR, marketing, risk, preventive maintenance, and customer behavior analysis. The first two are known as the two most early successful commercial applications of neural networks. Dr. Hassibi is recognized for his contributions to real-time payment card fraud detection (FalconTM) and has been a part of four Machine Learning startups focused on new data products and analytics-based business solutions. Most recently and prior to joining R Systems as Chief Data Scientist, he has been with SAS Institute and Cablevision (Altice USA) where in Cablevision, he was responsible for setting up a CoE for data science.