For the Salesforce Community by the Salesforce Community


The Salesforce Community Dreamin’ events are events led by those in the Salesforce community; Salesforce MVP’s, User Group Leaders, admins, developers, user….anyone who loves working with Salesforce and believes in the Salesforce Ohana. The Dreamin’ events started approx. 7 years ago and are now through-out the world. Over 30 now.  The events are becoming popular because it is the community giving back to the community.  Here is a list of some of the other Dreamin’ events.


Midwest Dreamin’ – Chicago:  The grandfather of the events.

Snowforce – Utah:  A great event that the now retired Tahoe Dreamin’ borrowed a lot from

Southeast Dreamin’ – Atlanta, GA

Texas Dreamin’ – Austin, TX

Forcelandia – Portland, OR

Florida Dreamin’ – Orlando, FL

Force Academy LA – Los Angeles, CA


You can see a larger list of the Community Events on the Salesforce Trailhead site.