Tahoe Dreamin’ is a packed 1 1/2 day conference.  You will learn a lot, meet great people and leave feeling you can conquer the Salesforce world.  The conference goes until approx. 7pm on Friday Aug 7th.  But please consider staying the night instead of heading out so quickly.

On Saturday we will be coordinating different group activities. This is a great way to network with other awesome Trailblazers and also enjoy the beauty of Tahoe.  Everyone deserves a weekend of fun in the outdoors of Lake Tahoe.  Some of the activities we will be coordinating include (all will depend on the number of people interested in each):

  • Hiking the trails of Tahoe. Lead by Salesforce Trailblazers. Will have multiple hikes for different skill levels, for easy stroll to longer, higher hikes.
  • Boat trips and/or Jet Ski.  Rent a few boats (depending on the number of people) and enjoy riding around the lake.
  • Poker Tournament
  • Shopping and foodie walk
  • Lake Cruise
  • Beach picnic
  • ???

We hope you consider staying the extra night (or 2!). You deserve it.