A Developers Guide to Extending Salesforce with Heroku

As companies continue to undergo digital transformation, your customer data in Salesforce becomes more and more valuable. Through Lightning UI, Communities and now Salesforce CMS, more Customer 360 data than ever before is being exposed to customers to improve CX. But what about use cases that don’t fit nicely into OOTB solutions? If you have a highly custom UI, complex functionality, need to extend an existing mobile application, or any other custom scenario, solutioning might be your biggest headache. But with Heroku, the solution might be more straightforward than you think.

In this session, we’ll discuss common (and custom) use cases for utilizing Heroku to extend your Salesforce data. Beyond strategy, we’ll get hands-on with Heroku Connect, REST/SOAP APIs, and Platform Events. Attendees will walk away with actionable knowledge for extending Salesforce with Heroku.