Salesforce Devops: Build versus Buy

Join Vernon Keenan, Sr. Industry Analyst at, to learn a framework for understanding and implementing Salesforce devops. He will explain the evolution of devops from its origins in cloud native computing, and how it has come to improve speed and quality in Salesforce developer pipelines. In this 40 minute session Vern will give you a decision framework for finding and integrating solutions in these categories:

  • Repository Management
  • Salesforce Release Management
  • Pipeline Orchestration Command Servers
  • Observability and Metrics
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Value Stream Management
  • Developer and Platform Cybersecurity
  • Backup and Restore

Vern will share practical tips for building home-grown Salesforce devops solutions. 

The session will finish up with an overview and comparison of the top 5 Salesforce devops solutions:

  • AutoRABIT
  • Blue Canvas
  • Copado
  • Flosum
  • Gearset