Next generation permission management in your org

This session is to share best practices of perm set management with Permission Set Groups and the Permission Helper App.


Permission Set Groups are the next generation vehicle of user authorization in a Salesforce org. Come learn about how this new metadata type works with all your permissioning needs and see our vision for the migration from profile to permission set groups. ISV and IT developers can see a preview of the Permission Set Group muting feature designed for better collaboration between ISV managed permission sets, subscriber security and administration requirements.


Profile and permission management can be as easy as never before with the powerful Helper app. We will introduce two tools in the app to reduce Admin’s overhead in controlling user access in the org. The Convertor transit permissions from a specific profile into a immediate assignable permission set with only a few clicks. The Analyzer allows you search which permission sets carries a specific perm and view inclusive permissions of a user in one single screen.