The Integrations Behind Connecting With Salesforce

Salesforce currently has150,000 customers across the world who use Salesforce in some capacity. If you are one of those customers, you’ve likely had to work through how to integrate it with your other back-office systems: ERP, Marketing Automation, BI systems, etc. Or perhaps you’re a brand new Salesforce customer and are just now trying to understand what options exist for integration. 

It is undeniable that the rate of integrating with Salesforce is increasing, and extracting the valuable data that is in Salesforce is not always an easy feat when you have to consider how to do this best in your own unique environment. 

In this webinar, we will talk about the various techniques for getting data out of Salesforce, and how the integration technologies such as AWS and MuleSoft that surround Salesforcecan make the lives of Salesforce developers and administrators easier. We will discuss what the integration world around Salesforce looks like and some common integration patterns used with Salesforce, as well as look at what a real-world application looks like when we have a need to synchronize data between Salesforce and a database. 

You will learn:

●     What integration capabilities exist within Salesforce

●     Patterns of Salesforce integration

●     Strengths and weaknesses of each integration pattern

●     How AWS, MuleSoft, and other technologies can interact with Salesforce

Who should attend:

●     IT leaders who are looking for the most efficient methods for integration with Salesforce

●     Developers/System integrators who are interested in seeing Salesforce integration techniques

●     Anyone in theSalesforce ecosystem who is interested in integration

Reasons to attend:

●     Learn about methods of Salesforce integration

●     Learn about the integration world surrounding Salesforce