Introducing Action Plans v4, Salesforce Labs Application

Action Plans is one of the most popular Salesforce Labs apps on the AppExchange, but it is about 10 years old and has some serious limitations. We will look at the current version (v3) and at changes that needed to be made (or could not be made) to bring it to the latest API version - and how that included the most requested feature: Triggered automatic Action Plan creation!

That's right - now Action Plans can be created manually (single or batch, from scratch or from a template), or by using Process Builder, Flow, or Apex Triggers!

We'll cover some of the latest developer tools such as VS Code and the Salesforce CLI, custom metadata, custom labels, dynamic org describing to avoid hard-coding, appropriate user permission checks in Apex, custom buttons and actions, permission sets, and Flow- and Apex-Invocable Apex, so this is definitely a session that will appeal to both developers and admins!

All attendees will receive an installation link so you can be one of the first to use this new, improved app!