Melissa Hansen

Principal Architect and Co-Founder @ HiFi Consulting Group

Melissa is a developer, architect, and Salesforce MVP. She has been building solutions on the Salesforce Platform since 2011 with a focus on custom applications and the nonprofit sector.  Melissa is the co-founder of HiFi, a consulting group that specializes in helping organizations get the most out of Salesforce with custom applications and innovative solutions tailored to the organization's needs and in-house skill sets. She likes well designed APIs, clean code, and a microservice approach to building big applications.

Because she can’t quite get enough Salesforce in her day job, Melissa is also the VP of Curriculum Innovation at RAD Women, an organization that helps women working on the platform learn to code, as well as the co-leader of the Portland Developer User Group.

She lives in Portland Oregon where she spends her spare time exploring the city, finding new hikes, looking for good books, and making the most of the incredible food, beer and wine of the Northwest.