Terry Miller

Independent Consultant

Terry Miller is an independent consultant, delivering exceptional Salesforce solutions to businesses throughout the USA.

For over 25 years, Terry Miller has worked in both the corporate and consulting worlds. He's tackled over 100 Salesforce implementations and countless enhancements for his clients.

During his many years of corporate leadership, he mastered the art of blending business strategy and technology using a practical, common-sense approach. He can break down complex ideas into understandable steps and processes.

His willingness to listen and focus on others instills trust and confidence in his clients. He genuinely cares about others' success, offering advice and guidance to help them attain their objectives. It's no wonder his client retention rate is nearly 100%.

Terry is passionate about the Salesforce family of products. He holds fifteen certifications on the Platform, making him one of the top resources in the Midwest. Terry is easily approachable and cares deeply about helping others achieve their goals. He is a Platform Champion Alumni, a mentor, a leader of the Des Moines Trailhead User Group, a blogger, a vlogger, and a trainer.

He has an incredible story of success at multiple levels. Clients, Salesforce Partners, and even Salesforce seek to include Terry in their projects.

"When I consider my story, the successes and failures, I am humbly blessed and honored. I never want to take for granted what life has brought my way. It is for that reason I seek ways to add value to others."