Vernon Keenan

Vernon Keenan's career started as biomedical engineer working at Northwestern University's medical school and then on to Genentech starting in 1987. That led to meeting Marc Benioff in 1992 when he was a tech journalist at MacWEEK magazine. Vern then worked for Marc at Oracle and went on to do work for Marc and the crew in the Telegraph Hill house and 1 Market. He has used Salesforce since 1999 when Marc gave Vern his first Salesforce first login.

Since then, Vern has been an industry analyst, market researcher, management consultant, run managed services, and currently owns a Bay Area communication service provider, Telnexus which runs a custom quote-to-cash, billing, and service management system on top of Salesforce.

For the last few years, Vern has been working as a software engineer in the “cloud native” world, where everyone uses languages and tooling that is quite different from Salesforce. Cloud native computing builds the distributed computing networks that run the SaaS systems sold by technology companies, like Salesforce, Netflix, and Twitter.

Vern is currently on a mission to get more cloud native devops goodness into the Salesforce world. He produces industry analysis, product reviews, decision frameworks, and educational materials designed to help people pick the best Salesforce devops products for the job.

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