Below are the tentative speakers and short but not accurate description of what they will be talking about. We are still working on finalizing all sessions, so more to come.

Everything below subject to change.

Thursday - Multiple Keynotes (starts at noon, Oct 28th)

Featured Keynote - Opening by the one and only Charlie Isaacs. Then the featured keynote speaker the amazing Dan Darcy.

Other keynotes will include Daniel Peter, Adam Doti, Ian Gotts. More to be announced soon.

Additionally on Thursday, again starting at noon, we will have multiple short sessions by these amazing Trailblazers.

Evan Ponter showing you how you can pull in up to 1,000 fields from up to 60 related objects in one report type

Gordon Lee talking about staging objects

Scott Allan letting everyone know more about Salesforce's Voice of a Customer program

Rich Nevin showing you how you can manage both rapid response work (bugs, issues, broken "stuff") and everyday project work....and be sane

Shane Smyth about extending Salesforce with Heroku

Friday - 3 session rooms. All day amazing Salesforce discussions, demos, and more. More speakers and sessions to be announced.

Pat McClellan - Supercharge Processes and Flows with Invocable Apex (not just for developers)

Melissa Hansen - Use Case: How we built a LWC Interface to cross contexts

David Schach - Showcasing the new and greatly improved Salesforce Labs Action Plans that will be coming soon

Shannon Gregg - Session Description Coming Soon

Richard Cunningham - From Accidental to Purposeful Business Analysis (why business analysis is one of the most important growth items currently)

Tracy Greene & Vanessa Grant - Avoiding Design Debt and User Frustration

Vernon Keenan - Build Better Apps with Salesforce Devops (not just for developers)

Tracie Hart & Kristi Brown - When Two Become One: How to transition multiple process builders into One Flow

Dave Gordon - Democratizing Coding: Practical Applications of Programming Concepts in Flow

Terry Miller - From Process Builder to Lightning Flow

Medhanie Habte - Crazy things I built with Flow Components

(speakers to be announced) - Pub/Sub/Luv: Overview of Event Driven Architectures and what Salesforce is coming out with

Stephan Garcia - The Future of Development on Salesforce

Stephanie Thornton - Second place is First Loser: Automating Speed to Lead to Win the Customer

Shonnah Hughes - Power Einstein Prediction Builder with Customer Feedback Data

Nikita Prokopev & Matt Kaufman - Observability for Salesforce: What is it and Why you Need it for Error Resolution

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