2019 Thursday Overview

Below is a list of the what we will be doing on Thursday afternoon.  We have much more info coming soon.


1:30pm - 5pm
Admins, General

From Chaos to Calm: How to optimize your enterprise architecture strategy & governance to get the CRM ROI you are dreaming about?

We will go in-depth on how to create process – technology maps, identify business process areas for improvement, create an implementation roadmap and a business case in the first half of the workshop. Then, we will switch gears a bit to focus on how we can create adoptable and scalable governance structures to run our Salesforce operations. All Salesforce customers can leverage the output of this workshop to improve the return of their investment in Salesforce and create better end user experiences.

This is a 3 1/2 hour workshop that is hands-on and in-depth.

Developers, Admins, General

Being in a Position of Leadership through Influence

This one is fun. It’s a skillset I didn’t realize was how important until I went on the Independent Consultant route. In both of my larger roles (Tech Lead) and current, I have been able to establish two SDLCs successfully (one for each) and influence stakeholder roadmap constantly. I will attempt to distill:

  • What was my path? How did I get to design two SDLCs and manage to wrangle two enterprise business groups to rally around my ideas to execute a business process I believed to be “right”?
  • What is a leader? What types are there? (Direct and Indirect reports). My definition of a leader.
  • Deep dive on those topics: leading through example, transparency in communication, promote collaboration, acknowledging others, bringing knowledge to the group an empower others, the importance of finding a champions to your cause.
    • What is leading through example? (some examples in my past). Propose a change, test the waters in a small way, gather evidence and scale up. It works with code, it works with business process.
    • What is transparency in communication? What are some challenges in this (e.g. dealing with people you butt heads with in a professional manner)? LOE is also a type of communication. Being able to properly size, estimate, and propose candidate solutions on the fly is important to earn trust, be transparent. If you don’t know, it’s ok to admit that. Trust and truthfulness are transparent. Meetings and requesting action items are also a type of communication. Be transparent in what you ask for, what you need, what is blocking you
    • How you can promote collaboration using tools or processes. Certain delegation and defer techniques to use to bring people into the loop.
    • Acknowledgement is a strong technique (good) managers use, how and why do you do this?
    • Empowerment, enablement of others. Promoting sharing of knowledge and making each peer feel like they are a superpower. What does this even mean and how do you go about doing it? Empowerment is also listening to others, listening to their requests and taking the time to sort out their pain points. If there is a good SDLC, the channels for listening are there – even if they come to you in person, take time out of your day to listen. They are your users, they are your business partners, they’re coming to you for a REASON – so listen to their pain point(s) and see if you can offer any solution(s) immediately (they need clarity on how to do something) or logging it into a backlog so they feel heard, and keeping a transparent backlog so they know it will get worked on one day.
    • Championship. You need support, no one can do it alone. What is a champion and how do you go about getting one? What if there are no champions? How do you go about creating something from nothing?
  • So what does this all add up to? Trust. It fosters trust. The more a trusted individual you are, because what you say it transparent, true, and works – people will listen.

Google uses this with their development teams.  Learn how they do it.

This will be approx 1 hour

Admins, Developers, Marketing, NonProfits, General

More sessions to be announced

We will be announcing more sessions/workshops on Thursday.  These sessions will include everything from security to the new Flow builder to developer best practices.

Approx. 25 more sessions to be announced.

1pm - 5pm
Admins, Developers, Marketing, General

Ask the Experts

More info coming soon

We will have multiple areas to come and ask experts directly for help……from configuration to development to product questions.

1pm - 6pm

Career Path

More info coming soon

We are extremely excited and happy with this new addition to NorCal Dreamin’. We will have multiple sessions on how to build or advance your career with Salesforce, ending with a 1 hour networking event.

We are also offering heavily discounted tickets to this Career Path.  These tickets will only allow you to go to the Career Path afternoon sessions and not any other sessions on Thursday or any of the conference on Friday. If you have a full conference ticket you can attend this career path.

1pm - 5pm

NonProfit Special Event

More info to come soon

This will be an exciting opportunity for nonprofits to get one on one help with nonprofit experts.