Thursday at NorCal Dreamin’ has many different things to do.

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TimeLengthRoomSpeaker(s)Session TitleDescription
Thursday2:00 PM1.5 hrCarmel (2nd floor)James HouBeing in a Position of Leadership through InfluenceLeadership is more than a title or role. Being a leader can be something that’s fostered through influence, trust, and earning mutual respect from your peers. I’ll go over techniques in communication, negotiation, empowerment, and applying an engineer’s mindset to making impactful change from within a business group. Additionally, I’d like to share examples of great managers and great leaders I’ve crossed paths with and distill the most impactful, admirable qualities I emulate to build my own leadership skills. This workshop is designed to use concrete examples from both myself and other leaders (title or not) I admire and try to distill the techniques and traits we use to bring that “x-factor” into any team.
Thursday4:00 PM1.5 hrCarmel (2nd floor)Rikke HovgaardGet the analytics edge, learn Einstein Analytics Are you interested in Einstein Analytics but don’t know where to start? Join this workshop to get an overview of the platform and get your hands dirty building your first dashboard. You will leave the workshop understanding the basics of Einstein Analytics as well as be equipped to take your analytics and data skills to the next level. You’ll need to bring your laptop and have a dev org for this workshop! It is recommended you get a brand new one using this link: Please ensure you bring your laptop and have you dev org created prior to attending.
Thursday1:30 PM3.5 hrGolden State (2nd floor)Meltem Kutik, Kevn NearyFrom Chaos to Calm: How to optimize your enterprise architecture strategy & governance to get the CRM ROI you are dreaming about? We will go in-depth on how to create process – technology maps, identify business process areas for improvement, create an implementation roadmap and a business case in the first half of the workshop. Then, we will switch gears a bit to focus on how we can create adoptable and scalable governance structures to run our Salesforce operations. All Salesforce customers can leverage the output of this workshop to improve the return of their investment in Salesforce and create better end user experiences. This is a 3 1/2 hour workshop that is hands-on and in-depth. This is an amazing session that will be worth the prize of admission along.
Thursday1:30 PM20 minRegency A TheaterPete ThurstonSalesforce Security: 7 Most Common MistakesAre you using Salesforce in the most secure way? Security is not a “set it and forget it” thing. Your org evolves, developers implement code, you buy enhanced capabilities and users come and go. How do you continuously verify the security of your Org as things change? We conduct Salesforce Security Risk Assessments for a number of clients and tend to see recurring themes that can expose companies’ data. Attend this session to understand and prevent the 7 most common mistakes we see with Salesforce Security.
Thursday2:30 PM20 minRegency A TheaterRob BrownStress-Free AgilityTwo weeks to change a picklist is 13 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes too long. Today, many Salesforce Orgs are bloated and over customized, a condition which is leading directly to a form of tech paralysis in which enhancement requests are bottlenecked by burdensome manual review processes which detrimentally impact the agility that makes the platform so appealing. In fact, many large orgs more closely resemble SAP than SFDC. Fortunately, though a combination automation of risk and impact analysis coupled with running a tight change enablement process, progressive organizations are redefining the velocity of agility with greater safety. This session will examine a few companies that are leading the way.
Thursday3:30 PM20 minRegency A TheaterMohit Bhasin5 Free New Solutions for AdminsDuring this session Admins will learn how to use Salesforce Lab Solutions to learn new technology like Flow, Communities, and Lightning Components to level up their skills within the Salesforce Platform. Salesforce Labs are free solutions created by Salesforce Employees shared on the AppExchange for customers & partners to install. They are great for learning new features and being inspired by what you can create on the platform. Just last year over 40 new Labs were added to the AppExchange and we picked 5 to help you learn, and have fun doing it!
Thursday4:00 PM20 minRegency A TheaterEvan PonterApproach Reporting Like Never Before: The Ultimate Guide to Report TypesWhether you are just starting your Salesforce journey or you are a seasoned pro, this session is guaranteed to change your approach to reporting. Imagine having one custom report type per object to address a majority of report requests. Imagine instantly knowing which report type to choose in order to get the data you need without any trial and error. Imagine how much time and effort you can save when you have a complete understanding of what Salesforce is capable of in the reporting realm. During this session, you will learn how easy it is to demystify the inner workings of report types, consolidate the litany of overwhelming report type clutter, and empower yourself with a revolutionary paradigm that frees you to confidently query for conclusions. Rejoice as you re-imagine designing, building, and running reports – you’ll wonder how you ever did it before.
Thursday4:30 PM20 minRegency A TheaterShonnah HughesCSAT, NPS & CES, Acronyms O’My!In this session, users will learn the importance of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES). Users will also learn how to make these data points actionable
Thursday5:00 PM20 minRegency A TheaterPete ThurstonThe Individual Object 101: Privacy & Consent ManagementAs of the Spring ’18 release, Salesforce is offering the Individual Object—a new object that allows you to better accommodate privacy preferences and consent regarding personal information, helping address concerns like GDPR and CCPA. Follow these steps to implement the Individual Object in your organization. Discover and manage the personal information being stored or processed inside your Salesforce org. Provide effective support for Individual rights and controls (e.g. Data Subject Requests, Right to be Forgotten, Portability, etc.). Quickly and easily understand which users have what level of access to specific records and why, including the ability to view field level access
Thursday2:00 PM20 minRegency C TheaterClint BuechlerEnabling your Sales Team through Marketing AutomationUsing marketing automation to help drive your sales teams seems like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be one. Processes and workflows can be built to help get your sales reps the right information at critical points in the buying cycle. Join Clint Buechler, Product Marketing Manager at Formstack, and learn how he uses Salesforce, Pardot and other tools to help enable Formstack’s multiple sales teams.
Thursday3:00 PM20 minRegency C TheaterLara Black5 Quick Pardot Features You Are OverlookingPardot is full of features that even long-time admins don’t know how to use. Learn some tricks from the @PardotPro that will change the way you use marketing automation, and make more effective nurture programs.
Thursday4:00 PM20 minRegency C TheaterDee ErvinRoll Out New Features in Salesforce to a Global Team as a Solo AdminIt doesn’t take an army to deliver new features and drive user adoption to a global team. As a solo Admin, I used simple Salesforce tools to roll out new features and aid in user adoption across the globe. You’ll learn how to prepare users for the roll out by setting expectations, effectively distribute training materials, teach users how to report bugs and enhancements, collect meaningful feedback, and how to encourage collaboration via Chatter to find solutions. You’re not alone and this session will show you how to thrive as a solo Admin.
Thursday4:30 PM20 minRegency C TheaterSadia AneesSelling Your Sales Team on Marketing AutomationDeveloping a marketing automation strategy is a huge challenge in & of itself, but it’s often an equally monumental task to get sales on board. How do you get their support? How do you overcome objections? How do you show that your efforts are working? This session will focus on how you can achieve enviable marketing/sales alignment & get your sales team on board with what you’re trying to accomplish. Topics Covered: What marketing & sales alignment looks like Negotiating a shared vision of success Answering “What’s in it for me?” for your sales reps Simple campaigns that will win sales over Metrics that matter to sales reps
Thursday5:00 PM20 minRegency C TheaterMichael ComansProcess Builder: Automate with an Admin’s Best FriendCome on an upbeat journey as an Admin and make Process Builder your best friend. Leave with the confidence to be implementing and leveraging the power of Process Builder in Salesforce. Process Builder will indeed be your best friend! Understand the power of Process Builder Automate using Process Builder What’s new in Summer 19 Best Practices
Thursday1:30 PM20 minRegency DPat McClellanBuilding Smarter Lightning Components: Making Your Apps More Intuitive and Your Users More ProductiveThis session explores the coding techniques used to make Lightning Web Components context aware and intuitive for users. We share LWC and Apex code (available for download on Git) that demonstrates the value of recordId, Lightning Data Service, UserInfo.getUserId(), Schema class methods, and dynamic SOQL to anticipate the data and actions your users need, so you can reduce keystrokes and improving user productivity. This functionality is demonstrated in the context of an SMS lightning component.
Thursday2:30 PM20 minRegency DRyan O'SullivanHow & Why to Switch to Salesforce Developer Experience (SFDX)In the last year and a half, Salesforce has stopped supporting a number of development environments. If you’re currently using Mavens Mate or Eclipse within Salesforce, transitioning to Salesforce Developer Experience (SFDX) should be a priority for you. The Salesforce DX command line is being updated with each Salesforce Release. This means SFDX has new features being introduced regularly, it’s more secure, it’s faster, and it’s scriptable. Attend this session to learn: How to transition from your current development environment to SFDX How using SFDX makes Metadata packageable and increases reusability How to leverage Scratch Orgs for more effective testing
Thursday3:30 PM20 minRegency D
Lucas Lam
3 Steps To ABM Success: Enabling Your Sales & Marketing TeamsLearn how to enable an Account-based strategy in 3-simple steps. Provide account-based visibility to your sales team. Deploy targeted ABM campaigns based on your unique SFDC data. Route and assign lead to your sales and customer teams with accuracy & speed.
Thursday4:00 PM20 minRegency DTyler MowbreyCoding Best Practices: Implementing Object Oriented Design PrinciplesThis session will focus on providing best practices when implementing service side apex code on the Salesforce platform. In order to ensure that beginners start off on the right foot, it is important to ensure that they understand it is very important have separation of concerns between UI, business logic, and data. Too many times I see beginners and experts alike programming on the platform and skipping enterprise best practices as it is so easy to teach yourself how to program on the platform.
Thursday5:00 PM20 minRegency DIan GottsHOW. WHAT. WHY. 3 words that can supercharge your Admin skills and delight your usersStruggling to clean-up and document your Org? Don’t know where to get start or how to make it sustainable? This valuable and entertaining session with uncover the 3 simple words that will ramp up your Admin skills, reduce project risk and drive up user adoption. The session is based on the free ebook – Chaos to Control. Business analysis is #1 requested skill by employers and when applied well it can dramatically reduce the cost, time and risk of your implementation. This valuable and entertaining session with uncover the 3 simple words that will ramp up your Admin skills, reduce project risk and drive up user adoption.
Thursday11:45am6 hrCheckinNorCal Dreamin' CheckinThursday checkin to the conference begins at 11:45am and will go until 6pm.