EDITED 11/3/2021: Thank you for all that helped this year. This was a huge success. Below is a list of the people and businesses that donated to this fund. We will continue this each year.

For the first time, we are creating a Tahoe Dreamin' 2021 Trailblazer Community Fund. We are proud to partner with Climb Hire on this new and exciting effort.

We will be starting a fund that will be used to purchase Tahoe Dreamin' conference tickets for those in the Climb Hire training program. This Trailblazer Community Fund is new to Tahoe Dreamin' and NorCal Dreamin', and we see it being a big part of our future.

About Climb Hire

Climb Hire’s mission is to create economic opportunity for overlooked and hidden talent. They offer an accelerated training program that prepares diverse and determined young adults for entry-level roles in technology companies to kickstart their careers.

Climbers have the option to choose from three specialized learning tracks:

  • Salesforce Administration
  • Project Management with Google
  • Customer Experience with Better.com or Financial Services with Fidelity Investments

Climb Hire's upskilling model is unique in that they emphasize relationship building, soft skills, and social capital along with key technical skills. Data released by LinkedIn shows that job seekers are 9x more likely to get a job through warm introductions and referrals. That said, talent from non-traditional pathways tend to have weaker professional networks. During the program, Climbers build social capital with each other and outside executives - establishing the connections and networks that open the door to opportunity. 

They now have 40+ employer partners who have hired over 80% of their alumni within six months of graduation into a myriad of entry level roles (both technical and non-technical); a testament to the grit, drive and motivation Climbers bring to the table. Salesforce, IBM, Gusto, TPG, PatientPop, Better.com, Nike, BetterUp, and GoodRx are among many companies who have hired Climbers and keep coming back for more.

Your donation will go directly into a scholarship that would cover the ticket cost and lodging cost for Climbers to be able to attend this life-changing conference. We encourage you to be a part of this movement that will support Climbers as they launch their careers!

Trailblazer Community Meetup

At Tahoe Dreamin’ 2021 we will have a meetup with all of these Trailblazers, along with any attendee who would like to meet and network with them. It is a great way to give back and help those new to understand and navigate the community effectively.

Corporate Sponsors

We are also looking to find some corporate sponsors that will help with travel/lodging expenses or help fund multiple Trailblazers from Climb Hire. Contact us if you are interested in a corporate sponsorship. You will be recognized for your generosity.


Blackthorn is proud to sponsor the Tahoe Dreamin' 2021 Trailblazer Community Fund to enable the Conference Committee and Climb Hire to send members of its community this valuable event. We support Climb Hire's mission of creating economic opportunities for individuals from overlooked and often hidden communities and hope this donation will help prepare this group of young, determined professionals to make their way in the world of technology.

The below donation form will allow you to give, with a minimum of $10. Any money given is greatly appreciated. Please note, we (Tahoe Dreamin' and NorCal Dreamin') are not a non-profit organization and any monies given are not tax deductible.